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What’s the Bi-color LED illuminated tact button switch?

2021/2/25 9:41:46      view:

Whats the Bi-color LED illuminated tact button switch?

RGB BI-COLOR LED tact switch button

Bi-color LED tact switch just as its name implies the tact switch with two indicators LED,it can be segmented into two types: one is dual LED bi-color tact button switch,such as dual LED red-blue,red-green,red-pure green etc;the other is single LED bi-color tact switch,for example, red-blue and red-green.

Its easy to distinguish the dual LED bi-color and single led bi-color,one is single LED,another is dual LED;the single LED only have two pins(anode and cathode,the cathode will be marked with color),dual LED has four pins, anode is correspond with cathode;

the function of dual LED bi-color illuminated tactile button is different with single LED bi-color illuminated tact switch,dual LED bi-color tactile button can be lighted at the same time and emits different colors to control function;single LED bi-color tact switch will give out different colors via reversed connect the anode and cathode to attain design feature. These are different with size ,appearance and function,but the Bi-color will heighten the beauty of product design,stable quality,thats first choice of engineer design.

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