The Illuminated Tact Switch Working Principle

The LED illuminated tact switch has four pins from tactile switch and two pins is LED pin,the led tactile button switch is spread used to electronic control function,the four pin is the terminal for tact switch button,the four pin is more stable and reliable for soldering and fixing on the PCB board.

The led tact switch is consist of dome shrapnel,base,top cover plate,button and lead,the button is for operating the force,the shrapnel is the significant part of the illuminated tactile switch,load force to the shrapnel ,it’ll impact the connect and break circuit.

The lead refers to the connection between the illuminated tact push button and the circuit,it has six lead pins,two is a group,when you press it down,the four lead will connect the circuit,on the contrary,there has not the actuation force on the button,it’s break state.

The Illuminated Tact Switch Working Principle(图1)

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