TS4 Series SPST Momentary Key Switches

TS4 series SPST momentary key switch is a type of tactile pushbutton commonly used in electronics applications where a momentary action is required, the TS4 series red PCB mount tact switch used in Music Thing Modular Radio Music and Chord Organ, the TS4 series is SPST configuration key switch, that is normally open type push button, the momentary action means the when you press down the TS4 series momentary tactile switch, the switches will change its state and once release again, the switch returns to the original position.


The actuator of the TS4 series SPST Momentary OFF- (ON) Tactile button switch is available in red, green, black and white, if designers wants to customized the housing color, you need to meet the specific quantity; the red color is common choices, because of the red color is usually used for visual identification or cording purposes; the actuator diameter of the TS4 series is 8.0mm and the total height is from the top button to the PCB mount position is 10.5mm.

The terminal of the TS4 series tactile switch is a through hle pins for PCB board mounting, what's more, the terminal uses the gold plated process to ensure the contact stability and mechanical lifespan.

As we all know the TS4 series SPST PCB mount tactile switches are an ideal application for electronics modular instrument, control keyboard, security devices.

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