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  • Audio Illuminated Pushbutton
Audio Illuminated Pushbutton

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图1)

This is audio illuminated push button switch with rectangle cap for 26*15mm,it provides a variety of LED colors and custom-built symbols,the illuminated tact push button is an ideal control button for pro audio & video equipment and broadcasting system.

It comes with 26mm x 15mm x 13.2mm dimension,the illuminated tact switch is available for red,green,yellow,orange,white and blue six LED colors options and it also offers with dual color LED lights,such as red-green,red-blue and other many combinations.

At the same time,the illuminated push button switch can be customized with a variety of icons on the cap,we provide the etching and insert film two ways.

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图2)

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图1)

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图4)

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图5)

Audio Illuminated Pushbutton(图6)

1. Choosing the best raw material and inspection before production,we won’t change the material unless customers asking

2. Full injection mould,hardware punching procedure to control the cost of products

3. Semi automatization process to promise the fast delivery time

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Please provide your FedEx/ UPS/ TNT/ DHL account number for shipping,if not,we need to charge the freight to your company.

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FVWIN Electronics was built in2013,it’s a leading manufacturer of precise electronics switches for 10 years,our featured product includes illuminated tact switch,illuminated push button switch,toggle switch,rocker switch,XLR socket and other switches.we owns 1000 square meter factory in Dongguan,we have the test instruments and equipment to control the quality,Our products are set strict quality system control,all of them are inspected and passed the durability test and function full inspection; with the strictly quality control,FVWIN gets more market share and good brand impact.

Our products are the environmental compliance with RoHS,REACH.

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